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Watch Telangana Formation Day on Freedocast

Telangana is a state of India. June 2nd is a big day in Telangana. It marks the beginning of the celebrations of the Telangana formation day. It has been 2 years since the new state was formed. On June 2nd, 2014, it was no longer part of Andhra Pradesh. It has been a long way coming for Telangana. For years, they have been struggling for statehood.

This day is a remembrance of the sacrifice that they had to make for years just to have it formed as a state. However, they have a lot to smile now and the Telangana formation day is the anniversary of this new state. All its ten districts have worked together to come up with activities to celebrate their rich diverse culture starting from 2nd June. There will be a series programs and events highlighting the history of this new state.

The good news is that you can watch Telangana Formation Day Celebration live on Freedocast, an online streaming portal. It is free App that can enable you to view videos without having to download them. How cool!! If you want to watch Telangana Formation Day Celebration activities, just download the app Freedocast. Other than just watching the video showcasing the colorful event, you get to chat with friends at the same time.

This live streaming portal will keep you updated. You can watch the tributes to the martyrs, unfurling of the flag by the government ministers, the marching that will be at the parade grounds, the display by the various departments and the distribution of awards. If you cannot make it to these events, you have a better option in the form of Freedocast. Your location does not matter. Wherever you will be, all you need is access of App and you will be good to go. It will keep you in the festivity mood.

Some of the cultural programs that you could watch on this live stream portal include ballet dance, musical shows and performances on fork art, seminars, comedy shows and folk songs. Have fun as you watch the classic films that will be screened.

It is so easy to use Freedocast on iPhone and android devices. It has numerous features that you can make use of to make it an exciting exercise. Join Indians to celebrate this special day.