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10 Things to Do To Have Happy Feet This Summer

10 Things to Do To Have Happy Feet This Summer

Well it’s summer again and it is hard to stay cool as everyone is grilled under the heat wave. The soaring temperature makes one use a deodorant for your body, but what about your feet? When people ask you to put your best foot forward, are you in a dilemma? What is it that is stopping you from removing your shoes when you want to have a dip in the swimming pool? Stinking feet! Yes it is! Sometimes even after a cool shower your feet stink because of the shoes you were wearing all day long. What is to be done to get that feet thank you everyday in this hot summer? Read on to discover some quirky life hacks which would help in keeping your feet perfectly fine in this heat.

1. Pamper you feet with pedicure

How many of us make use of pedicures offered in salons? Do you know our whole body depends on our feet and those tiny soldiers literally carry the burden of our bodies? Pedicures help feet to be stress-free and, during hot summers your feet will feel relaxed. Pamper your feet with a pedicure and keep your feet odor free.


  1. Apply talcum powder

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A cheap way to avoid stinking feet is to shower, but in case you miss taking one, talcum powder comes handy. Sprinkle some powder inside the shoes and your feet is good to go.

3. Use deodorant in shoes

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Who said deodorants are only for your body? Spray on your shoes or feet for a fresh feeling that can leave your feet with fragrance the rest of the day. Carry your deodorant along and use it wherever and whenever you need.

  1. Use drops of hand sanitizer

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Hand sanitizers are not only for hand; your feet can also use them. No germs on your feet, and no stink!

5. Change your socks everyday

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Do you remember what your mom used to say? “Change your socks”! It takes 1 minute to change into a fresh pair of socks. Otherwise it will take exact 1 minute for your friends to run away from you.

6.  Use salt for feet

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Soaking the feet in warm water with salt is age-old method that is also used in spas now a days. Try doing it often and remove dirt and foul smell from your feet.

7.  Keeping orange peel

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Oranges not only give instant energy to body when consumed, their peels can be kept inside the shoes and stinking feet can be avoided to a great extent. This quirky life hack is one of the most innovative ones and a perfect example of reuse.

8.  Keep perfumed sheets

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You can keep wet wipes or scented wipes inside your shoes overnight to keep your shoes odor free. Your feet will smell your favorite wet wipe’s fragrance, which can get you go all day long.

9. Keep shoes in sunlight

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Not only clothes, shoes should also be kept under sunlight. The natural light will give freshness to your shoes and your feet stays happy.

10. A final must-do – Remember to change your shoes often. A stink in an old pair of shoes will never go!