Where the Stars Are Eating

If you’re as curious as me, knowing where celebrities shop, eat, drink, sleep, gym, and more frequently crosses my mind. I often find myself wondering if they enjoy the simple things in life like a good ol’ Dunkin Donuts coffee or a big slice of greasy pizza from the hole in the wall down the street.

If you live or visit NYC or LA often, you may catch various celebrities enjoying a meal quite often. Here’s a list of where you can find the stars eating in NYC.

ABC Kitchen offers American, pizza, tapas, contemporary, and Mexican cuisine. Coincidentally the ACS stands for “Always Bursting with Celebrities – and that it is! Starts including Katy Perry, Russell Brand, Meg Ryan, and Kanye West have been spotted eating her recently. Plan to dish out a little bit more for dinner here as prices range from $30-50.

Looking for Hip Hop and R & B’s Bonnie and Clyde? You can find them dining at Marlow and Sons in Brooklyn. Jay-Z and Beyonce are big fans of this restaurant which serves up mostly American-style cuisine. Their menu includes many gluten-free and low-fat items. You can also catch Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren.

Dessert anyone? This popular Upper East Side bakery is home to flaky croissants and old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies. Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, and the Obama ladies have been recently spotted enjoying a sweet treat at Magnolia Bakery.

If you’ve got a wallet like Madonna, Bradley Cooper, and Courtney Love then head to Monkey Bar for a top-of-the-line dinner. Along with it’s A-listers, Monkey Bar is also known for a great happy hour.

A restaurant fit for a president… but actually. Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama were spotted at Il Mulino back in 2009. With fabulous reviews, this Italian hot spot is also a favorite to Vince Vaughn and the actors from the CW show Gossip Girl. Get ready for delicious Italian and a pricey bill.