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5 Tips for Personalized Gifts

Create lasting memories this holiday season with very personalized gifts. Whether you DIY, or commission an original piece, your thoughtfulness will go a long way. And when you add the savings you’ll realize with the new Groupon Coupons available, so will your budget. With so many ways to acknowledge the quirky things you love about the people on your list, you might feel overwhelmed. Try these tips:

  1. Highlight a pivotal moment – Did Mom finally take that cooking course she’s talked about for the past few years? Let her know how proud you are of her with a cook’s gift basket.   Flavored oils, specially milled flours, and organic spices can make a wonderful addition to a gift basket. And you don’t have to use a basket at all! Just line a large mixing bowl with a colorful kitchen towel, or placemats. Add all the goodies, a personalized apron, tie it all up with some festive ribbon and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for a memorable surprise.

  1. Be a savvy Secret Santa – Work place gift exchange ideas can be a pain to figure out, but once you’ve pulled the name, you’re half way there with this one. Use that coworker’s initials to tastefully embellish a stylish item such as a flask or towel set. Newlyweds especially love this thoughtful touch. Groupon Coupons are extra helpful here, because you can give a great gift, and stay within the set spending limit.

  1. Let “X” mark the spot – Not sure how to bring a smile to the face of a child this year. Try this: Use supplies from Office Depot, make a personalized greeting card with hints to a treasure hidden somewhere in the house.   Watch that sweet little face light up when tickets to this year’s blockbuster movie turns out to be the prize at the end of the hunt.
  2. Capture some Senior Moments – When it comes to our beloved elders, think experiences, not things. Have the young ones recite some poems written just for them. Write an essay showing how you’ve used the advice they’ve given you over the years.   Just be sure to have the GoPro camera ready to record the show, so they can watch it again and again. As the years go by, you’ll be glad you did.

  1. Got Pets? – Don’t leave them out of the holiday fun. Sam’s Club offers lots of goodies they’ll love. Remember to shop with Groupon Coupons for the latest in new and trendy supplies. Or to replace well-loved toys.

Shopping for the loved ones on your list will definitely be easier, thriftier and trendier when you Groupon Coupon your way down the list, and add personalized touches that will melt the heart as well.