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Where the Stars Are Eating

If you’re as curious as me, knowing where celebrities shop, eat, drink, sleep, gym, and more frequently crosses my mind. I often find myself wondering if they enjoy the simple things in life like a good ol’ Dunkin Donuts coffee or a big slice of greasy pizza from the hole in the wall down the street.

If you live or visit NYC or LA often, you may catch various celebrities enjoying a meal quite often. Here’s a list of where you can find the stars eating in NYC.

ABC Kitchen offers American, pizza, tapas, contemporary, and Mexican cuisine. Coincidentally the ACS stands for “Always Bursting with Celebrities – and that it is! Starts including Katy Perry, Russell Brand, Meg Ryan, and Kanye West have been spotted eating her recently. Plan to dish out a little bit more for dinner here as prices range from $30-50.

Looking for Hip Hop and R & B’s Bonnie and Clyde? You can find them dining at Marlow and Sons in Brooklyn. Jay-Z and Beyonce are big fans of this restaurant which serves up mostly American-style cuisine. Their menu includes many gluten-free and low-fat items. You can also catch Martha Stewart and Ralph Lauren.

Dessert anyone? This popular Upper East Side bakery is home to flaky croissants and old-fashioned chocolate chip cookies. Katie Holmes, Kate Hudson, and the Obama ladies have been recently spotted enjoying a sweet treat at Magnolia Bakery.

If you’ve got a wallet like Madonna, Bradley Cooper, and Courtney Love then head to Monkey Bar for a top-of-the-line dinner. Along with it’s A-listers, Monkey Bar is also known for a great happy hour.

A restaurant fit for a president… but actually. Bill Clinton and President Barack Obama were spotted at Il Mulino back in 2009. With fabulous reviews, this Italian hot spot is also a favorite to Vince Vaughn and the actors from the CW show Gossip Girl. Get ready for delicious Italian and a pricey bill.

5 Tips for Personalized Gifts

Create lasting memories this holiday season with very personalized gifts. Whether you DIY, or commission an original piece, your thoughtfulness will go a long way. And when you add the savings you’ll realize with the new Groupon Coupons available, so will your budget. With so many ways to acknowledge the quirky things you love about the people on your list, you might feel overwhelmed. Try these tips:

  1. Highlight a pivotal moment – Did Mom finally take that cooking course she’s talked about for the past few years? Let her know how proud you are of her with a cook’s gift basket.   Flavored oils, specially milled flours, and organic spices can make a wonderful addition to a gift basket. And you don’t have to use a basket at all! Just line a large mixing bowl with a colorful kitchen towel, or placemats. Add all the goodies, a personalized apron, tie it all up with some festive ribbon and you’ve got the perfect ingredients for a memorable surprise.

  1. Be a savvy Secret Santa – Work place gift exchange ideas can be a pain to figure out, but once you’ve pulled the name, you’re half way there with this one. Use that coworker’s initials to tastefully embellish a stylish item such as a flask or towel set. Newlyweds especially love this thoughtful touch. Groupon Coupons are extra helpful here, because you can give a great gift, and stay within the set spending limit.

  1. Let “X” mark the spot – Not sure how to bring a smile to the face of a child this year. Try this: Use supplies from Office Depot, make a personalized greeting card with hints to a treasure hidden somewhere in the house.   Watch that sweet little face light up when tickets to this year’s blockbuster movie turns out to be the prize at the end of the hunt.
  2. Capture some Senior Moments – When it comes to our beloved elders, think experiences, not things. Have the young ones recite some poems written just for them. Write an essay showing how you’ve used the advice they’ve given you over the years.   Just be sure to have the GoPro camera ready to record the show, so they can watch it again and again. As the years go by, you’ll be glad you did.

  1. Got Pets? – Don’t leave them out of the holiday fun. Sam’s Club offers lots of goodies they’ll love. Remember to shop with Groupon Coupons for the latest in new and trendy supplies. Or to replace well-loved toys.

Shopping for the loved ones on your list will definitely be easier, thriftier and trendier when you Groupon Coupon your way down the list, and add personalized touches that will melt the heart as well.

Tattoos For Girls: Wide Choices and Great Ideas

Girls fall in love with tattoos when they see their colorfulness, vibrancy, and cool designs. The tattoos add a dimension to their personality and also help them express their emotions well. As during girlhood, most girls get their first tattoo, the tattoo design and place need to be chosen with care. Read on to learn some of the important aspects of tattoos for girls:

Tattoo designs for girls

Although it is entirely up to you the kind of design you would like to have, a majority of girls chooses simple tattoo designs. Flowers, buds, cartoon characters, fairies, angels and fruits like cherries, are very popular selections. Interesting animal tattoos are surely trendy tattoos for girls, which attract quick attention. Choose your favorite animal for the tattoo design and go for it. You could even give the tattoo a cartoonish look. Dogs, cats, hamsters, and other pets are most sought after by girls. For girls, who have been raised on a farm, they have special liking for farm animals. They usually go for tattoos depicting cows, horses, sheep, goats, hens, and ducks.

The task of choosing a design requires serious consideration. You would not want your tattoo to look silly when you have become an adult. Hence, you should choose only those designs with which you would like to be associated for the rest of your life. Movie inspired tattoos look great and they can make you popular if the movie was a hit. Nevertheless, as the movie craze fades, the tattoo may look old- fashioned. Try to go for only excellent movies or classics, which never really become outdated.

3-D tattoos are cool tattoo designs, which are evergreen and you will always love to have them. Even when you have grown up, the tattoo will seem appropriate and you will not have any regrets. Hence, these tattoos are the safest to have.

Areas to have tattoos

Areas that you could cover easily are best for experimental tattoos. Therefore, you could get the Garfield or Daisy Duck tattoo on your calf, under arm, feet, or buttocks. The body art will not show when you go to school and attend college later. Meaningful tattoos like quotes, anchor tattoos, and angel tattoos look best on hands, neck, chest, and shoulder. For 3-D tattoos, ideal areas include hands, arms, calves, fingers, and neck.

Tattoos as jewelry

On the list of trendy tattoos for girls, tattoos designed as jewelry are on top. Ask your tattooist to give you a ring tattoo, a necklace tattoo, bangles or any type of leg jewelry. You could have gems, stones, and a variety of colors in the jewelry piece. Again, before going for such a fashionable tattoo, be confident that you will not have to take pains later on to cover it.

Small tattoo designs for girls

Small tattoo are innocent and have the surprise element because most people discover them by chance. Therefore, if you are the shy type and wish that people would spot your tattoo accidently, then small tattoo designs are for you. The range of such tattoos is huge and you could have almost anything as a small tattoo. Still, for your convenience and inspiration, a few of the cool tattoo designs are bows, ribbons, roses, stars, planets, moon, crescent, lilies, music notes, birds, bugs, crowns and clouds.