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6 Tips for Hosting a Summer Movie Night Party

For most people, summertime is all about soaking up as much sun as possible and enjoying the longer days. However, there is a lot of fun that can be had after dark in the summer as well. A great idea that more people are looking to try out is a summer movie night.

Even though it sounds like a difficult party to arrange, hosting a great outdoor movie night can be simple for anyone with a little yard space. Here are six tips for hosting a summer movie night party to help anyone throw a great event after dark.

Make sure there is service to the area

The first thing anyone needs to do to host a movie night in their backyard is to make sure they connect their backyard to the technology that they need to show the movie. Some people will choose to use a DVD player, others will choose to extend their Direct Select TV service to the yard. Either option, with a projector and screen, will make for the perfect set up.

Stock up on the classic refreshments

There are a lot of classic snacks that everyone loves to have with their movie. Including these snacks will give the party a movie theater vibe and help everyone feel more like a movie star while they are watching the show. Some of the common choices include fresh popcorn, soda, and candy.

Give guests the star treatment

As was mentioned before, everyone should feel like a movie star when they walk into the party. This sets the tone and makes the event more fun for everyone. A few ways to do this include giving everyone an exclusive ticket to the show, having a red carpet to lead people to their seats, and serving drinks and snacks throughout the show.

Choose the right movie

There are so many different movie options for people to choose from today. The right choice for a movie will depend on the group that is going to be at the party. Everyone should know a general idea of who the guests will be to choose the right movie, but in most cases, a funny family film is the best choice.

Decide on the most comfortable seating options

Seating options can be difficult in an outdoor space. It is important to find ways to not only make everyone comfortable, but to also give everyone a good view of the screen. Most commonly, the best option is laying down some blankets to cover the ground, using pillows for extra support. Encourage guests to bring addition seating items if they please.

Inform the neighborhood

Having a movie night in the backyard could mean that a person will disturb their neighbors with the bright lights and sound. Everyone who is planning their event should first run the idea past the people who live near them. Even better, consider inviting the neighbors to make the party even better.